About Boland Vape Co

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Since our start in 2016, Boland vape  has consistently been a leading Vape Store. Whether you are looking to stop the habit of smoking cigarettes or start a hobby Boland vape  has all your vape supplies covered.

Boland vape  is here  to answer any questions and get you set up with the perfect vaping supplies and e-liquid to suit your taste

At boland vape , we are committed to bringing the best vape supplies from around the world to South Africa. boland vape strives to provide you with a wide range of premium E-Liquids, Hardware and Accessories .

We have confidence in all of our products, which have been quality and safety inspected, ensuring our customers with a safety filled and enjoyable vaping experience We guarantee that every product on our shelves are  authentic unless otherwise stated.

Boland vape company prides itself by supplying on the best quality at all times.